Greeting Cards

I was contracted to create a Birthday card for a young man who is coming into his right of passage for adulthood. The client gave me very little to work with and just said to do whatever I want…so I came up with this:

Pateli 13th Birthday Card CoverI drafted the text myself, but it’s too soon to share it.  It hasn’t gone to print yet.  It’s been a long time since I’ve designed greeting cards.  Coming up with this idea in six hours and drafting the text for a young man I don’t know anything about what definitely a challenge!  I find out if they liked anything about the draft tomorrow.  The whole thing is a rush job they wanted done in a day and I was at rehearsals and meetings all day today.

Pateli 13th Birthday Card CoverThank you to Brayden for being such a gracious last minute model.  I couldn’t be more grateful!

Cathing Up


It hasn’t been easy to keep track of me these days so I figured it would be wise to share the posts from work I have recently had published over the past couple of weeks:

Highlights from iZombie, WonderCon 2015

Falling Skies press release from WonderCon 2015

Batman vs. Robin Animated Film Review featured at WonderCon 2015

Still waiting for the Cougar Chronicle to publish my photos for highlights of WonderCon on April 3-5.

Soon to come: a review of Unfriended, featured at WonderCon along side press interviews and panel for Incidious III.


WonderCon hosts ‘Falling Skies’

Image provided by public relations for TNT's 'Falling Skies.'

Image provided by public relations for TNT’s ‘Falling Skies.’

Members of the cast for Falling Skies graced their fans with intimate details about the fifth and final season premiering Sunday, June 28, at 10 PM on TNT.  A little detail worth sharing that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else as love is but a minute detail to the human relationships that exist within the drama and action of this show:

Maggie never seems to catch a break, as the finale supposedly will not make things any easier on her character. Though love still remains, the entanglements become even bigger. “This seasons is all about the spikes… and the fact that she has this super strength makes her quite valuable in the second mass and puts her out in the field in a way that she really appreciates and that the second mass certainly appreciates… There is a lot more action in the fifth season, especially in the beginning, so the love triangle is there and everybody feels it and we talk about it and we give each other one-lined stats here and there but the drama isn’t really there until mid way thru the season. And then it really becomes about wanting to be able to feel my own feelings, or Maggie being able to feel her own feelings, aside from these foreign magnetic spike influences and so she has some very hard decisions to make and ultimately she knows that she loved Tom and that’s all I can say,” said Sarah Carter, actress playing Maggie.

Cochise is promised to find a deeper understanding of personal relationships in this season and will show more humanistic relate-ability as he finds a deeper father-son relationship with his own dad.  Though staying on the planet was not revealed at the Con, Cochise desire to do so was definitely implied.

Cast and writers have worked together as they have definitely pumped everything up a notch and promises to deliver a memorable end for the series by providing more of all the things the viewers love, and to some level despise.

Art evolves in various forms

Focusing on learning American Sign Language, preparing choreography for my last dance performance as a student at CSU San Marcos and working to keep up with my photography work and photojournalism has proven to be slightly more time consuming than I am willing to admit. Even when one project is completed it seems as though five more have taken its place. I am proud to say that I made it through my requirements in learning sign language, though I feel I need to expose myself to the culture far more in order to get rid of my nervous stuttering when I sign. Beyond that, I have been neck deep in developing my choreography for an April 30-May 1 performance I have been preparing for as a contemporary dance student.

A classmate of mine, whom I admire dearly for whom she is as a person and for her obvious talents in performance arts, came into the studio at the start of the year practicing her routine for a hula hoop competition with a light-up hula hoop. Ms. Cierra Potts was dancing along the dance for and I found myself staring. When she stopped I asked her if she might be interested in doing some light graffiti art photos with me while she did her routine. She had no idea what I was talking about but was open to trying something new.

Amidst all our rehearsals we managed to get together and create:

Light Grafiti with Cierra Potts

Light Grafiti with Cierra Potts

Light Grafiti with Cierra Potts

Light Grafiti with Cierra Potts

Light Grafiti with Cierra Potts


Light Grafiti with Cierra Potts

Light Grafiti with Cierra Potts

Light Grafiti with Cierra Potts

In the short hour we had to play with the lighting I brought with me we had some pretty amazing end results.  These are just a small sample of what came of Cierra’s first experience playing with light art photography.  I was so excited to see that she was having as much fun as I was and loved it just as much as I did.  I’m excited that I’ve found a subject that is willing to take the time to create these with me.  From dance, to light photography.

Wondercon leads to intimidation and excitement


Among the privileged few, I have been approved as press for WonderCon, in Anaheim, CA. These conventions are always full of excitement and action. Finding something to talk about is always a guarantee as there appears to be something for everyone. This time around things are just a little bit different.

I’ve taken the opportunity to cover Stan Lee’s amazing Comikaze. I’ve begun to help find ways to promote San Diego’s Comic Fest…and I’ve applied for press for ComiCon a couple of times to only be cut out of registration last minute both times because I somehow manage to submit my application to the wrong email address. I took a serious chance applying for WonderCon, knowing that many professionals apply and are rejected, as is the same for Comic-Con.

This is huge!

Unlike many other fandom conventions, WonderCon needs no help in publicity. So much that you rarely see advertising for the event until right before it starts. Tickets are sold months in advance. Registration to even obtain admission require membership on the official web site. Heck, press releases aren’t even really distributed because all the information you could ever want to know about the event is publicized immediately at It’s the one-stop-shop for all things “wonderous” at WonderCon.

Thus, intimidation sets in. How can I best contribute to the event when it is so popular that they knowingly need little help in the publicity department… The answer: share my excitement and rock the news reels with as much information as humanly possible during the convention. It’s a whole new level of publishing in real time for me.

The day after is obviously too late. Pictures tell a thousand words…and having words worth reading make all the difference.

I’m excited to take on the challenge. Honored I have been given the opportunity. And more and more optimistic about my future in journalism as I continue to encounter people that have openly valued what I produce and guide me through constant improvement and personal growth.


Insane Inflatable 5K

Insane Inflatable 5K 2015I was asked by some members of a loving new found circle of mine that I have recently become a part of while networking to further establish myself upon graduation this spring to photograph their 5K event. Considering this was my first one, I was slightly nervous and excited at the same time.

Insane Inflatable 5K 2015It has helped to carry on this motivation theme I seem to have attracted this year in terms of doing more “fun” things when trying to be physically active this year.

Insane Inflatable 5K 2015 Insane Inflatable 5K 2015 Insane Inflatable 5K 2015 Insane Inflatable 5K 2015There were nothing but smiling faces as the drones of people swarmed in to the event to participate in the 5K run to help support San Diego County’s Autism Society.  Foundation members brought their children.  Friends, family and other community supporters came and dressed the part in super hero outfits and bright colored apparel.

Insane Inflatable 5K 2015Families and friends were taking full advantage of the bounce houses that were used for the obstacle course.  These were very few of the many photos that we had taken to show off all the fun.  From North County the event moved on to Long Beach, and then on to Arizona.

Insane Inflatable 5K 2015 Insane Inflatable 5K 2015This young lady was out to break the record for climbing the finish line slide the most consecutive times before quitting.  She made it close to 30 rounds before I didn’t see her at the top again.  It seemed like there was nothing that was going to wear her out.  That big smile was great to see when concluding the afternoon.  This 5K is truly a one-of-a-kind.