An Average Day?

The venture for the week was to go out into the world and take photographs of the events of a single day from start to finish.  My body chooses not to function from start to finish so the idea of using the beginning to end photographs of the average day seemed unconventional…and realistically, I had assumed that most people would use very similar context of images to begin and end a storyboard for an average day. 

Most of my mornings are a big blur…much like most of my evenings.  Thus, I started from the beginning and ended at the end of this particular Saturday, September 15, 2012. 

My family and I always try to go out and do something new as much as we possibly can.  This time, my fiance and I took my mom to Bates Nut Farm, in Escondido, California to see the pumpkins before the pumpkin patch was open to the public. 








Unfortunately, mom wasn’t all that impressed with the pumpkins, or the animals on the farm.  So, after a quick visit, we parted ways and my soon to be husband went with me to the bridal shop to pick up the brides maid dress for one of the members of our bridal party.



Of course, the excitement didn’t end there!  We had plans for the evening!  A close friend of ours had been planning a 10 year anniversary surprise party for herself and her husband and it had finally come to the wire.  We got all dressed up for a night on the town to meet very old friends of mine whom I hadn’t seen since the glorious couple’s wedding.  Everyone met together at the Big Red Barn in Valley Center, California.



The men took the barn part of the invitation very literally…with the exception of the guest of honor standing on the far right who was under the impression he was going to a bed and breakfast for the night.


This leaves us with the end to our evening…myself working away at what I’ve ritualistically become accustomed to doing nearly everyday this year, working on Photoshop.



The rest of the day is a blur….



Much like every day.


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