Holding out for Rain

These images were brought together with the idea of California always suffering from drought.  The two environmental images off the water were taken in Big Bear, CA.  To bring out the natural appearance in the tree stump, I highlighted the horizon and the grass in the foreground in Photoshop.  I had adjusted the color contrast in the tree on the right and made the image cooler by adding the purple hue.  This was intended to portray a cooler feel and draw an idea of change.  It is early morning, yet the image appears as though it could have been taken closer to evening.  The shadow and light are dramatically brought out.  Finally, the silhouette that I had taken is the contrast that defines the thought of holding out for rain.  The image was taken by placing two soft boxes against a white backdrop.  The subject stood forward of the lighting to create the shadowed affect.  My camera was set to ISO 100 and the aperture was set to 1/125.


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