These images were taken with my camera on my cell phone.  My DSLR was being used to take star trail images while we were in the Palomar Mountains during the new moon this past Monday.  A group of us had settled at the campgrounds near the observatory, working on sky images, and I was by the fire keeping worm.

The lines in the images are created by the grading that was sitting to the side of the fire pit.  The effect of the line shadow that the flames created added somewhat of a question to the scene.  The extra element draws your attention to the dark silhouettes.

I chose the black color for the grid background to allow the colors to pop out more.  It also made me think of charcoal and related more to the image.  It keeps the colors vibrant and does not distract from the grid.


One thought on “Grid

  1. Brad,

    I updated the grid, as you asked. Colors just interfere with the presentation, so to keep to a good color scheme, I just made the entire background black to bring out the flames. I’ve got to edit my narrative still.

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