Bilbo’s Christmas Wishes

Bilbo's Christmas WishThe concept of a MEME truly intimidated me because I am socially inept when it comes to following propaganda and media information (other than following what I see on Facebook). Considering it is December and the hustle and bustle of the holidays have begun, I considered the aspects of Christmas and the holidays that bother me, and that I feel should not be traditional events in society, yet have remained to sustain throughout the years within this digital age and rapid development of technology. People have been overcome by greed. The true meanings of Christmas, Hanukah, Cuanza, Yam Kipper, etc. have been diluted with thoughts of corporate profit and greed. Along with this idea, I remembered that the movie, The Hobbit (I’ve been waiting for release of this film for years), is finally coming out on December 14th. Everyone that I know who is as passionate about the series as I am already bought the tickets for the midnight showings in theatres. This made me think of the many times I’ve been dragged to showings by my friends and my husband because they “had to” see particular movies before the rest of the world, or because this movie was going to be so amazing that it had to be experienced the moment it was out for the sake of feeling like we were all among the few people in the world to experience the film before the rest of the world had freedom to make a judgment about it. So, I decided a good MEME for present situations would be to combine the two.

This was published for educational purposes, as well as for my own personal growth, so if there are any copy write concerns, the metadata shows the origin of the images for the sake of honoring the sources.  In case that cannot be seen, I got the images from and


One thought on “Bilbo’s Christmas Wishes

  1. Great and intelligent post ! Thank you so much for the follow. Have an amazing Christmas, for all the right reasons. Festive greetings from Marseille, France.

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