Emulating an Artist

The major project for November was to pick a new photographer who is working regularly within the industry.  Using the list of talent from http://www.julianrichards.com, I selected Andrew Hetherington for his photographs from his series Made in Ireland.  The work compiles images of people and the atmosphere of a community near the river Shannon, in Ireland.  These images caught my attention because they focus on the “real” things in life: atmosphere, everyday surroundings, people, and the reactions that just evolve from existing, and just being where you are, doing whatever it is the particular being might be doing.

Searching the rest of the World Wide Web for information on Andrew Hetherington, I found that he has worked as a Freelance photographer, an Editorial and Commercial Photographer from Dublin, Ireland, and now owns his own LLC, Andrew Hetherington Photography.  Andrew is very involved in blogging, has an account with Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and a few other social networking sites.  He has his own web site: http://ahetherington.com/, where he shares his thoughts, work, gives opportunity for communication, and directs people to his many other web sites for social networking.  This form of communication, publicity, and social interaction is commonly used by entrepreneurs of all types these days.  The digital age has guided business driven people to work hard on social networking skills to gain jobs, potential clients, resourcing and befriending colleagues, making work public, sharing ideas, following-up with clients, etc.  Anyone can find Mr. Hetherington’s photo blog, What’s the Jackanory?, at http://whatsthejackanory.com/ .

Reading through an interview, posted on http://blog.noplasticsleeves.com/?P=2446, between Mr. D. Currier and Mr. Hetherington on December 22, 2010, I discovered that Andrew resides in New York City, New York.  Since residing there, he has published is photography in magazines like Wired, ESPN, GQ, Marie Claire, and many others.  Growing up in Ireland, Hetherington was inspired by American magazine publications like The Face & ID and Blitz before even finishing High School.  Hetherington wanted to eventually become a fashion photographer.  He attended college for one year before assisting other professional photographers in the field.  Eventually, he came to America on a chance and tested the waters out in New York, assisting with his friends, making a fair living and growing in his passion for photography.  New York was the deal breaker and set the standards for the rest of Andrew Hetherington’s career.

Made in Ireland was a series that Hetherington had completed in 2003.  The images reflected childhood memories of a place yet untouched by time.  He turned the photographs into a portfolio for go-see’s and received so much attention for the images he shared from that series that he stopped using any of his other portfolios for a while.  (Go-see’s are interviews for photographers being evaluated by clients seeking specific fulfillments of particular needs in artistic work, etc.)  The images kept Hetherington true to himself: he had photographed what he enjoys and loves.  When he finally captured that, he started gaining work that emulated the same.

Here is my contribution:

Family Pier


Sand Crabs


Shelby Jumping


Shelby Feather


Raph Digging


Raph View


Rear View


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