Mayan Calendar’s End

What were you doing when the Mayan Calendar came to a supposed end?

People all over the world theorized that the Mayan Calendar’s Circular timeline running out of dates meant the end of the world as we know it.  Maybe that is still true…I wanted to record the event, just in case…

This was my view:

Mayan Calendar's End

Driving through Southern California the night sky was just full of color.  Driving through the hill sides, all that was visible was the fading horizon.  I sat and thought of everything my family and I had to be thankful for, the way the year had become so challenging due to the fact that it forced change for all walks of life, and the idea of what is to come because of the demand for change.  2013 is going to be very exciting.

Mayan Calendar's End

Mayan Calendar's End

No one appeared as though they were living life any differently: the streets and freeways were still full of cars trying to drive home on a Friday night.  People were continuing on with all their Holiday plans.  The first day of winter had officially begun.  The atmosphere remained quiet.

Mayan Calendar's End

Life continued to move on….

It has been said that the end of the world should have already happened.  The Earth has been knocked from its normal gravitational pull; daylight savings time has created miscalculations; we have more days; we have less days…none of it seems to matter.

Like most children (from what I experienced), I had the perspective that the Mayan Calendar cannot end because it is in the shape of a circle.  My assumption was that it just starts all over again.  Maybe history will begin to repeat itself: prophets will begin to rise from random parts of the world to lead people to their purpose in life (or death), wars for dominance and power will repeat, discrimination of race and social backgrounds will force reactions and responses from all…history is often neglected and overlooked when it is meant to be learned from….

Who knows!

Spending life thankful for every day given and every moment used to its fullest potential is a great way to live!  That, in the end, I think, is all that should really matter.


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