In the Drink

In the Drink


Los Vegas Lights

Images of the Las Vegas strip taken when the city is its brightest. These photos were shot on the North and South end of the drag. Sky views are courtesy of the Stratosphere Hotels grand views. All pictures were created with my Canon T4i.

Las Vegas Strp Panoramic

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Sky View

Las Vegas Welcome Sign

My article on present day interest in traveling to Las Vegas from the perspective of life as a college student can be found in the September 11 issue of the Cougar Chronicle or you can visit

Experience Vanquish Interactive

“Telikos Protocol” is a new comic book that was created by Jay Douglas and has been rapidly gaining attention and fan base.  It is described as “an explosive science fiction action-adventure comic” on  Nav Gupta and Jay Douglas have been working hard to make “Telikos Protocol” a huge success and have been breaking records with their quick popularity.  So much that they have already begun their new project called “Cycops” which was introduced this summer.  (See pictures provided in postings on July 22 and August 9).

Peter Cooper and Adam Burn are artists at Deviant Art who had met these Vanquish Interactive writers and became inspired to join forces to publish these works.  The comics are available in print and digitally.  The interactive print version is teamed up with children’s charities and sponsors throughout their launches.  You can see updated posts about these charities on their Facebook pages and through twitter.  The kick-start campaign broke 50,000 in just 30 days and are quickly becoming avid features at ComiCon International. 

These artists are fast paced workers with strong initiative and drive.  They were granted opportunity to recruit on various college campuses for interns seeking to work in social media.  This is a fantastic group of people to work with.  You can find out more about Vanquish Interactive and open positions within their company at and