Text Film Project Fall 2013

I had actually begun this project in November, but never finished it. At the rate I’m going, it might never be finished, but I figure that its worth sharing. The audio isn’t exactly what I was hoping to put together, but in the amount of time any student is given to work on a project, I think I did a pretty darn good job at manipulating sound to make it fit an eeriness that didn’t exist in its original form. The dialogue from ‘Skyfall’ is the Tennyson quote spoken by Judi Dench.
The assignment was to create a film that incorporated text. So I had various people write a short statement to identify themselves and I asked them to hold up the statement while I filmed them to portray who they are or could be perceived to be. In comparison, I asked some Veterans to do the same thing, but portrayed them in a different perspective to symbolize their separation from society: how they’re looked at and treated differently, how their life experiences are far different from that of a civilians and how their understanding and perception of reality is far different from the average person. As a person who comes from a military family, I have found this life of a Veteran to reciprocate within the youth and often becomes repeated as our children grow. There is a great deal of honor that comes with this inherited feeling of obligation to protect our freedoms. Yet, there isn’t anyone willing to completely heed the next generation from considering the lifestyle. So much to express in so little time….


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