Speak for Truth: ‘The Hornet’s Nest’

Despite everything we know just cannot be defined by words; knowing that the average person could never understand; this film portrays what every military service member and veteran carries deep down in their core.

No individual’s experience is ever the same. Yet, the camaraderie and family-like bond are familiar to every service member. When that bond is lacking, or does not exist, life becomes hellish more quickly than light flashes through the sky.

The Hornet’s Nest is the first of five films that are going to be released by Directors, David Salzberg and Christian Tureaud, which feature the stories of soldiers, sailors and airmen that no one ever hears.

Attending the preview tonight, surrounded by active duty military and veterans alike; in the presence of family members of those who have served, those families of individuals who have died for their service, supporters of the film, other media members and spectators… No matter the purpose or desire for attending, there were no dry eyes left in the house.

As the lights were refreshed, everyone wiped away their tears as they reflected on the soldiers defined their purpose in life as a military service members.  Driven by the desire to do nothing more but to defend and protect the person at their side.

The War Against Terrorism is the longest war in American history. It is the least covered by media and its effects and casualties are far less known by the American people. Of the over 70,000 American casualties that have left behind survivors who have been forced to endure the ultimate sacrifice of seeing their loved ones die for a cause, there has evolved a community that exists through the dedication of living life to support and protect the life of others. These men, women and children are known as survivors of Gold Star recipients. Establishing the group of women better known as the Gold Star Wives.

The Gold Star has been a symbol of loss since 1918, as it signified a loved one was lost during a time of war. Beyond the stories of the soldier that face the enemy (who is not created by political decree or personal offense, but by a true mortal instinct to survive while trying to protect and defend the innocent) there is a reality that exists with the people that have lost these valiant heroes. They, and the stars of the film, are whom these film producers work to acknowledge.

Much like Far From Afghanistan, this film is one that should not be missed. There is no bias, no political agenda or desire to find wealth or pursue a capitalist gain. Of all the stories in all the world, from any and every branch of service, no medium has ever come as close as The Hornet’s Nest to express the true reality of why a military member does what he/she does.

The film is scheduled for release in select locations this May: limited on May 9, additional cities on May 16 and May 23. For more information visit www.thehornetsnestmovie.com. For more information about Gold Star Wives, visit http://www.army.mil/article/122385/ and http://www.goldstarpins.org/




‘The Hornet’s Nest’ Trailer