The Big Photo Show comes to an end



Once again, The Los Angeles Convention Center says goodbye to the Photographer’s dream of Expos, as The Big Photo Show concludes. The short lived weekend was filled with beautiful photography on display from entries contributed by amateur enthusiasts. Hundreds of opportunities from vendors to establish networking, printing, supplies, etc. crowded the isle ways. Panels about various types of photography that interest any level of participant, like light graffiti, star trails (again), establishing your own photography business, etc, were offered to attendees. This years display of cars was even better than the last! I only wish I had enough money to take advantage of all the bargains for photography equipment that was competitively priced by all the vendors specifically for the events attendees. I still have to say that I do not like the set up that is established for the model photography during the expo. The atmosphere is too crowded and much like paparazzi. There is no room to work and even less room to be creative. If this option is something that strikes interest, it would be better to attend private sessions rather than hope to take advantage of this type of photographic art during the event.
I enthusiastically look forward to next year and all that this experience offers! The Big Photo Show serves photography enthusiasts of all walks of life and encourages amateurs, as well as professionals, to develop their skills and possibly find new ones.

The Big Photo Show Home Page


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