In preparation for The End

The light from the horizon at Glendalough gates in Ireland, August 2014, by Anne Hall of Syrenia Imagery.

The light from the horizon at Glendalough gates in Ireland, August 2014, by Anne Hall of Syrenia Imagery.

A dear friend of mine has been suffering for a great deal of time.  Living through the pain and acting as though he is like everyone that surrounds him; as though nothing is different and life isn’t filled with uncertainty, fear, and anguish from not only the body screaming out in agony but the mind filling with sorrow for concern for the family he’s leaving behind.  His daughter, whom I have the honor of calling friend and colleague, has verbalized that her strength is finally weakening as she watches that amazing man that she has every right to idolize deteriorate before her eyes as she can do nothing but be by his side through the pain and sorrow of it all.  Longing for a release, but not wanting him to pass into the light.

I wanted to say something…do something more.  I have prayed.  I have shared in love.  I have watched and learned from both of their compassion for society and their strength in faith and love.  To know that she admits to this strength diminishing, I found but this little to say:

Being strong is often the hardest of tasks. Coming out in tact on the other side always amazes me. You can always feel the change. Whether its for the good or the bad, I can never fully make out…until that struggle becomes something I could use to help someone else’s misery just the slightest bit less painful. Every bit of happiness in life is worth cherishing and should not be taken for granted. Most often, it takes the encounter of death to realize how true it is. Until that day comes when that moment is truly final, concentrate on making the most of everything in between. Don’t save things for later that can be done sooner. Never forget to say “I love you” every chance you get! Be honest and direct because it protects from unnecessary pain, if not for you, for others. Most of all, be true to yourself because it’s your life and no one else’s! How you touch others with it leaves the greatest of marks on this world after you’ve gone.

It doesn’t take away from the loss.  Nor does it erase the fear and longing for more time.  But it is the truth.  And that’s the best I can give.  Especially to a couple of people that I love so much.



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