Hate Crime Towards Soldiers Loved One




This Savannah, Georgia hate crime spreading all over the web keeps emphasizing the trauma that this poor young lady had to face as she returned to her car from shopping at Target. Residing in a strongly populated military community, the stickers that say “I love my soldier” are often seen.
People often take into consideration the turmoil and distress the individual sharing their dedication must be feeling having to be apart from the one they love for countless occasions and for longer periods of time than most would ever have to endure in a lifetime.
This letter ignorantly places blame and hate against this poor GA woman and her Soldier. You would think he/she would be grateful that military members, like myself, helped to prevent a draft due to the longest American war carried out in our country’s history.

Everyday we sacrificed our freedoms to do what we felt was right to protect and defend the people we love; along with that, the strangers that we’ve never met and the people beside us that become like family as we experience things that no average individual will ever have to experience outside of the world controlled by military obedience and procedure.

Soldiers and sailors sacrifice their lives and their identities to do what other are not willing to do.  We (in most cases) are not doing our jobs to help the politician or the wealthy man pulling the strings.

We do our job to make a difference in the world and protect the people.  Us, above all else, are TAKING A STAND and working to try and help create change.  Or protect the ignorant from the reality of survival that most do not care to realize.

May that tortured soul find piece of mind.  Placing the blame on the lonely soldier and the people that love them does nothing to help improve the state of our country or the world.  Ignoring the need to take action towards our governments misdeeds is the greatest of sins.  This is one far to many human beings refuse to respond to.

The soldier is doing his best and giving up so much.  What can the civilian do?  With freedoms still in tact, I would think there could be so much.  Yet, as time passes we allow our government to give it away and do nothing to fight back.  No military member should ever be blamed for that.



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