Pink Tie Affair in Los Angeles

Art provided by James Freeman of Maxwell Dickson, Los Angeles, CA.

Art provided by James Freeman of Maxwell Dickson, Los Angeles, CA.

One in eight women suffer from Breast Cancer at some point in their lives, according to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Maxwell Dickson Art Company is one of many that have chosen to answer the call to contribute to the fight against breast cancer.
“With a donation of $25 or more to the campaign on, Maxwell Dickson invites you to attend its Pink Tie Affair fundraising event for an evening of food, wine, art, live music, art installations, massages and much more all in support of a great cause! This will be one of the most interesting, one­-of­-a-­kind art shows this year: a classy, breast cancer­ themed red carpet event supporting the Breast Cancer Care & Research Fund,” according to the official press release.
Maxwell Dickson will be unveiling a collection of limited-edition pieces for auction on October 11, during the Pink Tie Affair in Los Angeles at 5 pm. The collection is limited to only 250 prints. The work is “staff inspired” and “pushes the boundaries of creativity,” which will truly make the event one that should not be missed.
The amazing goal for the campaign taking place September 9 – October 11 is $200,000. Visit to help contribute. The web site is a resource that former Hollywood actor, Edward Norton, and many others have established for nonprofit organizations to use in order to draw attention to their campaigns.

“We have an ambitious goal for an amazing cause and would love to support the community,” said James Freeman, CEO of Maxwell Dickson.

The Pink Tie Affair will be hosted by Maxwell Dickson in Downtown, at the California Market Center, during the first week of LA Fashion Week.  Hundreds of guests are expected to be in attendance, which will of course include various celebrities and political officials. Don’t forget your pink tie for this fabulous soiree.

You can make a donation at

For more information about the event and it’s itinerary, contact (877) 484-6566 or email  Also visit


Comic Fest Guest List is Amazzzizazing

Comic Fest Man.  Provided by the Official Comic Fest web site at

Comic Fest Man. Provided by the Official Comic Fest web site at

The Comic Fest San Diego weekend is growing by leaps and bounds, and with it, the guest list. This fun filled interactive family friendly weekend that takes place Oct 17-19 is not only offering an intimate experience of getting to truly socialize with pop culture icons, but also create and share talents. Here is the amazing list of confirmed guests thus far:

Guest of Honor: Neal Adams

Special Jerry Siegel Centennial Guest: Laura Siegel Larson

Science Fiction Guest of Honor: Greg Bear

Fan Guest of Honor: Comic-Con International President John Rogers

Eisner Award winner and winner of the National Cartoonists Society 2014 Reuben Award: Andrew Robinson

Special U.K. Comics Creator and CCO of ground-breaking digital storytelling company Madefire: Liam Sharp

Creators of steampunk favorites Boilerplate; History’s Mechanical Marvel and Frank Reade; Adventures in the Age of Invention, Heartbreakers comics, and much more: Anina Bennett and Paul Guinan

Writer, artist, director: Jon Schnepp

Hosts of The Arkham Sessions: Dr. Andrea Letamendi and Brian Ward

Showrunner, Producer, Writer, one of Comic Con’s “Most Dangerous Women,” advocate for independent entertainment and art, and founder of The Geekie Awards: Kristen Nedopak

International Comics Guests:

From Mexico City, comic artist and writer (Star Wars Tag & Blink series, Dethklok, Hellcyon): Lucas Marangon

From Mexico City, comic artist, writer,editor and popularizer of manga style in Mexico: Gaby Maya

Special Twilight Zone Tribute Guests:

Rod Serling’s daughter and author of the recently published memoir, AS I KNEW HIM: My Dad, Rod Serling: Anne Serling

Twilight Zone author and screenwriter (“Kick the Can,” “A Game of Pool,” and more): George Clayton Johnson

Science-Fiction Guests:

Award-winning author of fact-based science-fiction (and some great fantasy too): David Brin

Author of Star Trek episode “The Trouble With Tribbles,” time-travel classic The Man Who Folded Himself: David Gerrold

Hugo-winning publishers of XERO, author of some seventy genre books, writer of pioneering steampunk graphic novel: Pat and Richard Lupoff

Leaders of successful campaign to save Star Trek, longtime fans and convention producers: John and Bjo Trimble

Hugo Award-winning author and explorer of the “technological singularity”:Vernor Vinge

It’s a Weird Tales of the Ramones reunion! So far our guests who contributed to the Ramones anthology include:

Underground comix writer and artist, political cartoonist: Mary Fleener
Creator, writer, and cartoonist founder of legendary PUNK Magazine:John Holmstrom
Underground cartoonist, creator of Dirty Duck and Cody, who has also worked on the Popeye daily comic strip, animated shows Dexter’s Laboratory and Powerpuff Girls, and The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie: Bobby London
Eisner Award-winning cartoonist and illustrator, Disney poster artist, and art director for Bongo Comics and Futurama: Bill Morrison
Painter of art prints, book covers, comic covers, posters, skateboards, trading cards, and hundreds of Topps Garbage Pail Kids stickers: John Pound
Cartoonist, animator and creator of the ever-popular Oddball Comics show: Scott Shaw!

Special Film-Anniversary Guests for Dune (30th Anniversary), Ghostbusters (30th Anniversary), and Ghostbusters II (25th Anniversary):

Effects creator (Avatar, Ghostbusters, Terminator II, X-Men: The Last Stand), Academy Award winner (The Abyss), director (James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge 3D), and longtime collaborator of James Cameron: John Bruno
Dune stillsuit designer, Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man creator and actor, and multi-talented effects creator: Bill Bryan
Four-time Academy Award winner for visual effects in Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Return of the Jedi, his Boss Films did effects for Ghostbusters and many other top films: Richard Edlund
Academy Award winner for Innerspace and ILM visual-effects creator for Ghostbusters II, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, and many more: Bill George
Film producer (Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, Heavy Metal, and many more) and art director (National Lampoon legend): Michael C. Gross
Concept artist, concept designer, and storyboard artist whose extensive film work includes Dune and Ghostbusters II: Henry Mayo
Producer of Original Dune Promo Film “Destination Dune,” award-winning author (including Film Noir: The Making of Blade Runner), filmmaker, commentator and photographer:Paul M. Sammon
Ghostbusters II “Slimer” actor: Robin Shelby

Spotlight on Couples Who Create Together:

Emmy-winning writers in youth-oriented and animated television: Dennis Haley and Marcy Brown
Writers, producers, and showrunners in youth-oriented and animated television: Eric Lewald and Julia Lewald
Manga-influenced artists, writers, and cartoonists, and (Rikki) the voice of Gir on Invader ZIM: Tavisha Wolfgarth-Simons and Rikki Simons


Our Steampunk Programming Coordinator, the “Weird Val” of Dark Cabaret herself: Veronique Chevalier
Steampunk film presenters: Hal and Dee Astell
San Diego Comic Fest “Spirit of Steampunk Spotlight” Presents: Dr. Brassy
TV, feature film and comic book writer, creator of steampunk comics Boston Metaphysical Society and Steampunk Rat: Madeleine Holly-Rosing
Acclaimed author of the Gothic steampunk series The Dark Victorian, The Elle Black Penny Dreads, and the creator/artist of the indie comics series Charm School: Elizabeth Watasin
Animator and VFX pixel monkey turned independent filmmaker: Steve Ziolkowski

Analog and Digital Effects:

Effects artist, filmmaker, co-author of forthcoming book Planet of the Apes: The Evolution of the Legend, and staff writer for Cinefex magazine since 2001: Joe Fordham
Effects creator for Life of Pi (Effects Lead), The Golden Compass (Digital Effects Supervisor), X-Men 2 (Lead Effects Animator), and many more: Mike O’Neal
VP of Creative Development at Tippett Studio and formerly effects creator at Industrial Light and Magic and The Orphanage: Corey Rosen
Founder and publisher of Cinefex, recipient of Visual Effects Society’s Board of Directors Award: Don Shay


Character designer for Invader Zim and Avatar: The Last Airbender, creator of Serenity Rose comic: Aaron Alexovich
Animation historian and cartoon producer who will be paying tribute to the great Tex Avery: Jerry Beck
Disney Legend: Floyd Norman

The Science of Science Fiction:

Leader of the supernova group at the Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network and science-fiction movie reviewer for Ain’t It Cool News: Andy Howell
JPL Lead Project Element Manager on projects spanning from missions to Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, to Earth Orbit on both Space Shuttle and free-flying spacecraft: David Rosing

More Special Guests:

Aaron Alexovich
Ricardo Delgado
Jackie Estrada
Chris Gore
Batton Lash
Jim MacQuarrie
Eric Shanower
Phil Yeh

Special Program Participants from the San Diego State University Faculty:

Ajani Brown, SDSU Africana Studies Lecturer, will moderate panels on Ethno-Gothic Horror and Afrofuturism.
Dr. Virginia Loh-Hagan, who teaches graduate classes in the teacher education programs at San Diego State University, University of San Diego, and the University of Pittsburgh, will moderate a panel on Graphic Novels in the K-12 Classroom.
Linda Salem, librarian for the Edward Gorey Personal Library at SDSU, will speak on Edward Gorey and his influences.

Live Art Performances and Demonstrations

Jason Hite will conduct a teaching demo on sculpting.
Billy Martinez will be painting live during the Fest.
Dave Stephens: On Friday at the Fest, San Diego’s master caricaturist Dave Stephens will draw attendees as part of our tribute to the centennial of Jerry Siegels birth. Last year’s attendees who were drawn as aliens from Larry Niven’s Draco Tavern stories know this really is something to look forward to.

Musical Performers

Digital Lizards of Doom

– More at:

As we rejoice in our 100th Anniversary Tribute to The Twilight Zone, this weekend is going to be filled with so much artistic revelry for the senses to enjoy that visitors are going to need a vacation from the vacation that is made up of this one of a kind Festival.

Game of Thrones joins Comikaze

Comikaze Logo

Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2014 will now be hosting Theon Greyjoy, John Wick, Gwendoline Christie and Alfie Allen for an exclusive panel to “discuss all things Thrones,” according to the official Comikaze web site. In honor of these special guests, the event is offering a G.O.T. VIP Package deal for admission to the Oct 31-Nov 2 event in Los Angeles. Visit for discounted pricing. If you already have your Comikaze passes there is no need to repurchase. You are already included in the fun.  Tickets to gain exclusive access to have an autograph experience with Alfie Allen or Gwendoline Christie range from $50-$100.  The passes guarantee an unforgettable fan experience that includes photo ops and autographed pictures.