Wondercon leads to intimidation and excitement


Among the privileged few, I have been approved as press for WonderCon, in Anaheim, CA. These conventions are always full of excitement and action. Finding something to talk about is always a guarantee as there appears to be something for everyone. This time around things are just a little bit different.

I’ve taken the opportunity to cover Stan Lee’s amazing Comikaze. I’ve begun to help find ways to promote San Diego’s Comic Fest…and I’ve applied for press for ComiCon a couple of times to only be cut out of registration last minute both times because I somehow manage to submit my application to the wrong email address. I took a serious chance applying for WonderCon, knowing that many professionals apply and are rejected, as is the same for Comic-Con.

This is huge!

Unlike many other fandom conventions, WonderCon needs no help in publicity. So much that you rarely see advertising for the event until right before it starts. Tickets are sold months in advance. Registration to even obtain admission require membership on the official web site. Heck, press releases aren’t even really distributed because all the information you could ever want to know about the event is publicized immediately at http://www.comic-con.org/wca. It’s the one-stop-shop for all things “wonderous” at WonderCon.

Thus, intimidation sets in. How can I best contribute to the event when it is so popular that they knowingly need little help in the publicity department… The answer: share my excitement and rock the news reels with as much information as humanly possible during the convention. It’s a whole new level of publishing in real time for me.

The day after is obviously too late. Pictures tell a thousand words…and having words worth reading make all the difference.

I’m excited to take on the challenge. Honored I have been given the opportunity. And more and more optimistic about my future in journalism as I continue to encounter people that have openly valued what I produce and guide me through constant improvement and personal growth.



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