WonderCon hosts ‘Falling Skies’

Image provided by public relations for TNT's 'Falling Skies.'

Image provided by public relations for TNT’s ‘Falling Skies.’

Members of the cast for Falling Skies graced their fans with intimate details about the fifth and final season premiering Sunday, June 28, at 10 PM on TNT.  A little detail worth sharing that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else as love is but a minute detail to the human relationships that exist within the drama and action of this show:

Maggie never seems to catch a break, as the finale supposedly will not make things any easier on her character. Though love still remains, the entanglements become even bigger. “This seasons is all about the spikes… and the fact that she has this super strength makes her quite valuable in the second mass and puts her out in the field in a way that she really appreciates and that the second mass certainly appreciates… There is a lot more action in the fifth season, especially in the beginning, so the love triangle is there and everybody feels it and we talk about it and we give each other one-lined stats here and there but the drama isn’t really there until mid way thru the season. And then it really becomes about wanting to be able to feel my own feelings, or Maggie being able to feel her own feelings, aside from these foreign magnetic spike influences and so she has some very hard decisions to make and ultimately she knows that she loved Tom and that’s all I can say,” said Sarah Carter, actress playing Maggie.

Cochise is promised to find a deeper understanding of personal relationships in this season and will show more humanistic relate-ability as he finds a deeper father-son relationship with his own dad.  Though staying on the planet was not revealed at the Con, Cochise desire to do so was definitely implied.

Cast and writers have worked together as they have definitely pumped everything up a notch and promises to deliver a memorable end for the series by providing more of all the things the viewers love, and to some level despise.


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