Geeks for Peace

DAiLhMHv7NuJ5BMDZKjTHtgU18KymIYW6v8ZrKfWcgijYMKGq-bzYxreUKeEEALruxMZe2F5P6cAtfZuvrDbropjvp5ozom_d51Xq_e-fUb96vU4OPQYJ0E8WosuQTJKKqGcJxNlZBjZ1yeb9NY9TZJWd6WR6lNh5nsuLpXfA7ey8ygUtBIxcdxn4RRVTjUCUfGLhcs3iGSbPwPMyEJxB6nmd3mSBHRuuIArticle submitted to for details and further information about Morgan Spurlock’s inspiration by Kids for Peace.  Visit for tickets to this fantastic event taking place during ComiCon festivities in San Diego.


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