“Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens”

Image provided by IMDB.com

Image by IMDB.com

With the passing of September 4th and “Force Friday,” merchandise for the new movie, Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, has been strummed throughout a majority of retail stores, as Star Wars fans are found through all walks of life.

Target has taken a unique approach to promoting the new addition to the George Lucas films by announcing their launch of “Share the Force.”   ShareTheForce.Target.com

The campaign is compiling a digital collection of Star Wars memories from all of it’s fans.  The collection includes contributions from celebrity fans Minka Kelly, Chris Hardwick and Bobby Moynihan.  The work will be archived by Lucasfilm.  “Becoming an everlasting example of how we’re all connected by the force,” said Rogers and Crown.

The “Share the Force” website offers an interactive experience where fans can play in the galaxy that Star Wars has created, while becoming a part of it by incorporating their own personal memories.  To get in on the fun and become a memorable part of this piece of Star Wars history, visit https://youtu.be/FPAjVgPdx3o and  https://youtu.be/eOv3Qi7Vr5g


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