Steam Powered Giraffe charges through the States


From left to right: Hatchworth (Samuel Luke), The Spine (David Michael Bennett), Rabbit (Isabella “Bunny” Bennett).

Taking their weird to the next level; Steam Powered Giraffe transformed their array of talents to fit todays generation of success. Twins, David Bennett and Isabella “Bunny” Bennet; along with their long time friend, Samuel Luke, have spent the last eight years evolving their band and their brand. What that brand is jumbles together to form what fits extremely well within the Steampunk culture. The bands music has a robotic sound that goes along with their old school robotic moves; hence, the metallic paint and jazzy retro robot appearance.

“Putting our costumes together was the easy part. Now it’s just tedious,” said Bunny, while signing autographs for her children’s book, Pudding Bat’s Big Night Out.

These characters are musicians, writers, artists, computer tech’s, and business men. They’ve been invited to perform on America’s Got Talent numerous times but have declined in order to keep their business manageable within their own constructs of operations. Performing entirely as independent performers, they have already released seven albums and are currently on tour for various conventions and fairs across the country. The group will be back home in San Diego for the Del Mar Fair. Performing on July 3, at 8 pm.

“We never really quite fit in going to school, so it was always nice to have a twin to get along with and do things with. We work well together even though we bump heads at times. We found an odd talent doing the robot in performance classes at Grossmont College. It just made sense to get into business together,” said David, as he was addressing a crowd of fans during a meet and great during the fifth Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention in Old Tucson (Tucson, Arizona) this past weekend. Working as computer programmers coming out of college, they have found their happy place establishing the performance group.

The Steam Powered Giraffe have been seen in various iconic places around San Diego, like the Del Mar Fair, San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park, and LEGOLAND. The band truly enjoys having the one-on-one interaction with people. Samuel Luke has an energetic personality that draws attention to his strength in never breaking character as Hatchworth. Visit to read the bands backstory and get more information about where they’ll be next. I will never look at green rock candy the same way ever again.


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