4 Color Fantasies celebrates 10 year anniversary


Regal Cinema’s Edwards Theater in Ontario CA

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War is a great way to start off the celebrations for 4 Color Fantasies festivities as their annual free comic book day continues to wow and draw crowds in from all over the west coast.  Not only will they be celebrating their growing popularity, but this years event marks the comic shops 10 year anniversary in Rancho Cucamonga.  4 Color Fantasies owners, Chris Brady and Nat Leamwongnukul, have the only premier night packages that allow comic fans to view their favorite characters on the big screen for a set price that allows them to receive customized t-shirts featuring local artists, fandom art on patch work for every movie hosted, goodie bags and more.



DSC_1448 DSC_1446

Not only has 4 Color Fantasies been growing in fame from the great deals they offer in store, along with the space for customers to interact and play table card games and such at their store location, but they help to support local artists as they contribute to the events that these guys host throughout the year.  People have come from San Diego, Arizona, and Nevada to attend these special events.  Some learning about the store and its popularity through mass media and others just being lucky enough to accompany family and friends.

DSC_1449 (1)

This free comic book day, visit 4 Color Fantasies and help them to celebrate their 10 year anniversary in style at 8045 Archibald Avenue,
Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Be prepared to stand in line a while as there is a lot that is offered throughout the day and the crowd steadily organizes through the artist booths and shop to browse, network, and purchase items.  Food is always available.  But if they ever run out, there is an awesome Chinese place in the same parking lot, along with a yogurt shop that is worth giving a try at least once.  I can definitely say that various San Diego residents have made the trip just to experience the 4 Color Fantasies highly acclaimed Free Comic Book Day festivities and have not been disappointed.


This years festivities will feature a costume contest where attendees decide who wins.  All participants will be collecting tickets from people attending the event and whoever has the most at the end of the day can win from one of the two categories: 13 and up or 12 years old and younger.  Every year a blood drive is held at the venue.  Featured artists for the day include Kenneth Rocaford (artist), Whilce Portacio (artist and co-founder of Image Comics), Danny Miki (artist), Dean White (colorist), Mick Gray (Eisner Award winning inker), Mat Nastos (artist and writer), John Narcomey (writer and artist), Jimmy Purcell (artist and writer), James Ninness (writer), Luis Escobar (writer), Dean Rulan (illustrator and co-creator of LET IT BURN), Jay and Chris Salce (together artist-writer and co-creators of BloodRed), Justin White (artist), Danie Whitfield (artist), AJ Herrera and Geo Brawn (just about a do it all kind of guys), Patrick Scullin (Illustrator), Gavin Andazola (writer and creator of The Stone Legacy).  Theres so much more to do and see.  If you’re really into comics definitely plan on being there more than an hour!

For more information visit their Facebook page here


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