Speak your mind about the Silos

Tonight was the beginning of some major forward momentum for making future hopes of the Silo’s development in Townsend a reality. Community members joined together to discuss possibilities to already proposed ideas for the area and where we can go next in terms of moving forward with proposal plans. 25 community members were in attendance, representing various parts of the community with interest of what was going to become of this beloved recreational area.

Tonights efforts were about helping to develop ideas to add into the framework plan for designing and developing the Silos recreation area along Canyon Ferry Reservoir. Community driven planning is being combined with city and county collaboration with the Federal Government to best decide how to beautify and evolve the resources and landscape available at the Silos. Adding recreational opportunities, additional resources, beautification and functionality.

The hope is to get constructive community feedback to develop a good plan to be able to move forward with an environmental assessment and implement the introduced conceptual ideas for opportunities to attract local business to the area along with supporting tourism that regularly comes through the area that may very likely grow over time.

Establishment of long term and short terms goals of the development intentions is the agenda. Low, moderate, and high development plans are being formulated through community opinion and establishment of possibilities so that the county and Federal Government can best respond to the needs and opinions of the public as the land is governed by the Board of Reclamation.  Having the variety of options and strong feedback will give a strong image of what these development opportunities could include.

A great example of opportunities of development was mentioned to be the Goose Bay Marina. The comparison of development and how the property is presently managed and funded is a consideration that should be verbalized when sharing opinions. It is directly addressed in the survey provided at the website below. Take the time to voice your opinion and be heard about how you feel this public entity should be developed, maintained and managed.

Two more meetings are schedule to take place and open to the public for attendance and participation. The meetings are scheduled to take place August 24 and September 28 from 6-8 pm at the Townsend Library in the Community Room.

In the mean time, please visit http://www.canyonferry-silos.com to review the website and participate in the survey that allows community members to voice their opinions about planning and ideas. The website will be updated regularly with updates on the progress of the planning and development. Notes from this evenings meeting will be available for review and feedback. Responses towards survey results will be presented in future meetings and posted on the website as part of public feedback and statistical information.

Key questions to consider:

What do people want to see at the Silos to maintain and grow community?

Should the development focus on local use or focus on accommodating a larger demographic?

What should be done about expansion of parking and boat ramp availability for long term use and occupancy growth?

Opportunity for development on the land and/or surrounding area?

Accommodations for large groups?

Consideration for land capacity, paving, and applying for the use of federal land access funds to help with the development?

So much more….

Presently, existing concessions will continue to manage the area until alternated decisions arise. Outlooks should consider the 20-year growth of economic development and expectations.

This development is a huge step towards increasing commerce within our community, maintaining and preserving the natural resources while updating the area and making it more appealing for tourism. Please consider making your ideas known to help make this face lift one that everyone can be proud of.


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