Cleon Joseph’s “Navigating Through the Valleys of Success”

Photo by Cheyanne Joseph

Cleon Joseph is a family man, entrepreneur, civil servant, guru, dreamer and so much more.  As a man of passion, he fulfilled one of his life aspirations in publishing his new book, “Navigating Through the Valleys of Success,” just in time for the anniversary of many of his major life milestones (and his twin brothers Birthday today).  (Offering book signings in the Los Angeles area at this time for the release.)

“Navigating Through the Valleys of Success is a book specifically targeted for entrepreneurs as it navigates through Mr. Joseph’s life experience as the child of a greatly successful entrepreneur who did the unimaginable and became an entrepreneur himself, despite of it all.  Whether you want to be a small business owner or a billionaire, this book will take you down familiar paths of tribulation and self discovery.  As a copy editor for this book, I found the context to be honest, insightful, spiritual, hilarious, heart warming and intelligent.  The official website can be found at

Because of the writing style that Mr. Joseph has chosen to share his entrepreneurial endeavors, this book not only relates to career driven individuals, but also anyone that is looking for relate-ability in life’s challenges or complexities.  Reflecting on family dynamics, social and economical conflicts, evolution of growth, and balancing dreams with family.  This book truly gets deep down and personal.


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