About Syrenia Imagery

Syrenia Imagery is a freelance photography and writing business formerly based out of San Diego, California and now operating in Townsend, Montana.  Stemming from a photojournalist background with a BA in Arts and Technology, I prefer to concentrate on the aspects of life that bring people joy, but also hope to create public awareness for resources and information related to things and events that impact peoples lives.

Art is the gateway into the soul.

As artists, we aspire to drive attention to the work manifested and draw emotion through the encounters that are made.  With the various life changes I have experiences through my growth as an artist, and as an individual, I hope to better establish my means for creating a positive impact in peoples lives.

I write about various featured events, arts and entertainment, and random news.  I am currently published as a poet, short story writer, photojournalist and photographer.  With the new move that we have taken on we will also be operating as Syrenia Imagery Lakeside to show photography work and creative endeavors in our new serene home.  Stay tuned for more.

You can view our official photography page at syreniaimagery.com

For requests on coverage or writing about specific topics or special events please contact (760) 385-3884 or email us at Anne@syreniaimagery.com


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