Where have all the campers gone?


Goose Bay Marina is a well known gem in Southern Montana. Many community members were broken hearted when the location had to be shut down for repairs. Outdoorsmen and women come from all over the country to enjoy Canyon Ferry Lake. This little gem is a great spot to take your family. My favorite little secret about the camp site is the Huckleberry Ice Cream Sandwiches hiding in their ice box for sale at $1 each. The little shop is fully stocked with provisions, bait, and basic survival gear for water fun and camping needs.

What happened to cause the closure? The Bureau of reclamation managed the land as it is publicly owned. The location was declared condemned by the Bureau as the well and septic system were contaminated. Goose Bay Marina reopened towards the end of may last year and has been open since April 15th for this season. The Bureau bull dozed everything and rebuilt the site to its present glory over three years. This site is more family oriented and geared towards satisfying the needs of people with children and do not sell cigarettes.





With its open picnic area near the water, full resource facility for campers, boat dock and ramp, along with the many hosted and open camp sites for tent and RV spaces you would think that this place would be packed! Goose Bay Marina has a walking path, room for bicycle riding, and spaces to play games.


Spread the word that the renovations have been completed and the boat dock is in full use. We’d like to see this public resource thriving. The camp grounds will not be open for much longer as summer is slowly coming to an end. Take advantage of this beautiful space while the season is still going strong. For more information about the camp grounds visit http://www.goosebaymarina.camp or call (406) 266-3065. For press information call (406) 587-9054. Publish reviews at http://www.facebook.com/GooseBayMarina.