Dreams in the Sand




Dreams in the Sand is a small production that conveys a heavy message! When attending the performance on opening night, Thursday, April 17th, at 8:00 pm, audiences were greeted by a small theatre that projected desert scenes for a backdrop as Spanish music was playing and the desert floor was represented by khaki colored fabric that was ruffled over to look like sand. The advertising poster for the show made it clear that this performance would more than likely convey loss and sorrow. Little did the audience know that they were in for a reflective series of takes that trigger public awareness regarding violent acts of Racism towards the present day Hispanic communities, as well as encouraging people to exercise their rights at citizens by Registering to Vote. These stories specifically take place in North County, San Diego, so the shock of knowing these events have been carried out in our own backyard strike one directly to the heart! These stories are ones not often told outside of Hispanic communities. They are swept under the rug and overlooked by many. The performances will continue for a short period of time: April 25th-April 27th at 8:00 pm, on the CSUSM campus, in the small theatre in Arts 111. Audiences are already swarming to witness this debut. This is a show that you are not likely to forget! Please take the chance to witness history in the making.


Origami Owl

IMAG0241_Ingrid_BlacktritnGrandma’s gift for mother’s day 2013. Thank you, Origami Owl! US Navy for Grandpa and my dad. Post card for all the letters we wrote. Birth Stones for her and Grandpa. A rose for all the flowers he grew. And a pendant from her dad; my Great Grandpa Johnson, from when he used to make jewelry, too….

“The Bench Sitter”

The Bench Warmer Promotional Photographs

The Bench Sitter is a book that has been on the best seller list on Amazon.com for over 17 months now. I just had the honor of doing a promotional shoot for the author last month. Feel free to take a look at the book! I promise you wont be disappointed! It relates to the idea of work with others as a team and the trials and tribulations of being accepted.